Soof Retreats
About Soof

About Soof

  • Sustainable retreats
  • A little different
  • Small-scale and exclusive

Soof Retreats: doing it our own natural way

We are a small-scale family company: we started Holiday Park Soof 40 years ago, also known as Boutique Park Soof. We are currently the third generation and we have expanded to Soof Retreats with the parks Soof Heuvelrug and Soof aan de Rijn. We like to characterize ourselves as doing things our own natural way and being a little different. Our retreats are places where nature and sustainability come first. Places with a unique holiday experience and where you can spend the night at luxurious lodges that contribute to the environment. 


What makes Soof unique?

  • Sustainability comes first
  • Location surrounded by nature
  • Situated close to or right at the Rhine
  • Amazing facilities for all age groups
  • Luxurious ecolodges (with wellness)

Soof Retreats represents sustainability

We are continuously busy developing our small-scale and exclusive retreats. What will always our priority is treating the area, nature and materials in a responsible way. This means our lodges are ready for the future: sustainably heated, made of natural materials, fully independent on gas and equipped with solar panels. Because nature is so important to us, our parks have natural landscaping and a stylish appearance with beautiful gardens.

At Soof Retreats, you will enjoy a modern and sustainable stay!



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