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Everything you need at your fingertips: the Soof App.

It sure is convenient! At Soof Retreats, we embrace the power of helpful tools, especially the Soof App! With the Soof App in your pocket, you have everything you need during your vacation right at your fingertips. And when you have no need for anything, toss your phone aside and enjoy the peace and quiet around you. 

Check in at the front desk? That is a thing of the past! Not because we do not wish to welcome you, but because we believe that you do not need our front desk to check in. After making your reservation, link your reservation in the Soof App and enter your license plate number. The barrier will open for you and the route to the accommodation will be visible in the App. Opening or closing the door? You can also easily do that through the Soof App. Please watch the instructional video on this page as well.

At Soof Retreats, you will enjoy your vacation from the moment you place your reservation. We are committed to ensuring that you will experience the perfect vacation in one of our exceptional locations.  We want you to experience what it is like to unwind, in a place where you decide what you are going to do that day.

The Soof App in a nutshell

    Access to your lodge
    Ordering breakfast
    Renting a bike
    Best tips for the surroundings
  • Access to your lodge
  • Ordering breakfast
  • Renting a bike
  • Best tips for the surroundings

Do you need us? Then we are available.

And that daily, from morning to night. There is always someone present at our holiday park, but there is no physical front desk as you may be used to. Our staff is very easy to reach by phone, WhatsApp or email and will be happy to help you. We know a lot about the area, know the best restaurants, and are happy to help you make a reservation. Please feel free to contact us.

Do you have any questions about the Soof App? Please send us a WhatsApp message, and we will get back to you soon.

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