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  • Luxurious eco lodges right by the water
  • In the middle of the Batavia region
  • Wonderland for water sports lovers

Buying a sustainable holiday home at the Rhine

Are you considering purchasing a holiday home in The Netherlands? In that case, take a look at this unique investment opportunity at Soof at the Rhine! This park, part of Soof Retreats, is a new gem for both investors and holidaymakers. It is situated in one of the most beautiful and water-rich regions of The Netherlands: the Betuwe. Here, you have the possibility of buying a sustainable holiday home suitable for six persons. The investment in an eco-lodge instantly provides you with a 3% yield and offers flexible use possibilities. Soof at the Rhine is the perfect place to buy a sustainable holiday home!

Buying an eco-lodge in Gelderland

When you've decided to buy an eco-lodge at Soof at the Rhine, you will have various varieties of lodges to choose from. Luxurious lodges, luxurious lodges with wellness, luxurious culinary lodges and luxurious child-friendly lodges. Investing in a holiday home at Soof at the Rhine is a form of sustainable investing. The holiday homes are equipped with a heat pump system and have solar panels as well. Construction of the lodges uses sustainable materials and innovative techniques. The unique thing about these lodges is that they can operate fully off-grid. Buying an eco-lodge at Soof at the Rhine is a highly sustainable investment!

Your investment at Soof

  • Sustainable and energy-efficient accommodations
  • Immediate 3% yield on your investment
  • Flexible use options
  • Rentals by professional organization
  • Central location in the Netherlands
Soof at the Rhine

Buying a sustainable holiday accommodation at the water

When purchasing a sustainable holiday accommodation at Soof at the Rhine, there are three possibilities of use: fully private (recreational) use, variable letting combined with private use and full letting or fixed yield agreement. You will instantly receive a 3% yield upon making the investment and even a 5% variable yield after delivery. The letting of your accommodation is handled by our successful and distinguishing rental organization. Are you interested in buying a sustainable holiday accommodation at Soof at the Rhine? Request our brochure or contact us. Our advisers will be happy to assist you!