Soof Retreats

Weekend away at Whitsun

  • Ouwehands and Ballorig just around the corner
  • In the middle of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug
  • Unique ecolodges

Stay at Soof during the Whitsun weekend

Are you ready for something different, but more importantly contemporary enjoyment? Then a pinkster weekend away at Soof's is what you're looking for! The luxury ecolodges at the park provide a unique concept by being completely sustainable.  At Soof Heuvelrug you are in the middle of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug in Rhenen. This ensures that you can enjoy the beautiful nature and there is plenty to do in the area for young and old. For example, a day out with the family at Ouwehands or Ballorig is almost around the corner. You can also choose to take beautiful hiking or biking trips in the forests. You can simply rent the bikes at the park, at our bike rental.  Doesn't this sound like a Whitsun weekend away to remember?