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Holiday park Veenendaal

Holiday park near Veenendaal

  • Within 5 km of Veenendaal
  • Sustainable and luxurious eco-lodges
  • Charging stations for electric cars

A sustainable holiday near Veenendaal

Would you like to go on holiday close to Veenendaal and stay at a sustainable accommodation? If so, come spend your holiday at Soof Heuvelrug! With us, you can rent a sustainable home close to Veenendaal. They are furnished in a modern way and have every convenience. These eco-lodges are suitable for six persons and have three bedrooms. For ultimate relaxation during your holiday, you can stay at one of the wellness eco-lodges where a hot tub is present! There is plenty to do during your stay at a holiday park near Veenendaal. For instance, there are playgrounds for your children, you can cool off in the swimming pool, rent a bicycle to explore the Utrecht Hill Ridge or enjoy something to eat and drink at Brasserie Soof!

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Sustainable eco-lodges in a natural area

The sustainable and luxuriously furnished eco-lodges at Soof Heuvelrug are suitable for six persons and have three bedrooms. These holiday homes are constructed in a sustainable way and equipped with every convenience such as a dishwasher, a living room with a flat screen TV, a coffee machin and free WiFi. At Soof Heuvelrug, some eco-lodges are situated at the water with a beautiful veranda and some eco-lodges have a hot tub which provides ultimate relaxation.  During your holiday near Veenendaal, you will enjoy the luxury you're used to at home and unwind completely!

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Facilities during your holiday near Veenendaal

There is plenty to do for the whole family at our holiday park near Veenendaal! For instance, there is a swimming pool with a cool water playground, a bicycle rental service where you can also rent mountain bikes, playgrounds where the children can climb and clamber, a brasserie where you can enjoy a snack and a drink and an entertainment program during the school holidays. And the eco-lodges aren't the only things that are sustainable at Soof Heuvelrug, because several charging stations are available where you can charge your electric car. You will not feel bored for a moment during your stay at a holiday home close to Veenendaal!

Our facilities⤵

  • Swimming pool with water playground
  • Cool playgrounds
  • Bicycle rental with mountain bikes
  • Recreation program (in school vacations)
  • Brasserie Soof
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Things people asked us⤵

🌿 What are the sustainable eco-lodges of Soof Heuvelrug equipped with?

The eco-lodges of Soof Heuvelrug are suitable for six persons and equipped with every convenience. For instance, a dishwasher is available, a living room with a flat screen TV as well as free WiFi. A hot tub is optionally included or you will have an amazing view of the water!

🚴 Which facilities are present at Soof Heuvelrug?

At Soof Heuvelrug, you will not feel bored for a moment thanks to the facilities for all age groups. Here you can enjoy taking a dive in the swimming pool, the children will have a great time at the playgrounds, you will enjoy something to eat and drink at Brasserie Soof or rent a bicycle and explore the Utrecht Hill Ridge!

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